LA Weekly

“Fascinating and often devastating…astonishing images…iconic and controversial photos and video.  It’s the unblinking presentation of the latter that pushes the film from merely being a catharsis for the speakers to becoming fodder for serious contemplation by us all.”  Ernest Hardy, LA WEEKLY


LA Times

 “Burke drives home the traumatic nature of working war correspondents…brutally vivid.” 


Huffington Post

"It's a fascinating and powerful documentary...After watching Under Fire you will never look at another war photograph or video without thinking about the journalist behind it." Zorriana Kit, Huffington Post


"...extraordinarily powerful-the thing that got me was the powerful, powerful footage that never actually makes it to television...And where does it show up?  It shows up in this movie.    Henry Sheehan, NPR 



“Devastating yet deeply insightful… one of the year’s best documentaries." Chris Pandolfi, Popzara

Popzara.com/ AtATheateNearYou.net 

Rotten Tomatoes

"A harrowing documentary about today's real life war correspondents and it's anything but romantic.  This film captures the horror of war better than anything Steven Spielberg has ever done.   One of the best documentaries of the year.   Tony Medley, ROTTEN TOMATOES


LA Splash Magazine

"Skillfully crafted and profoundly poignant"...UNDER FIRE ventures to explore the human cost to one's soul and psyche to bear witness rather than act when faced with atrocity.  This film makes a credible argument that journalists themselves are in fact a new kind of soldier for a new age; and the casualties to this new kind of warrior are just as real, just as devastating and grossly under-acknowledged."  Michelle Clay, LA SPLASH